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              About us

              Techuang Technology was established in 2010. It owns Huizhou Techuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Huaian Techuang Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shenghong Express Circuit Co., Ltd...


              We are determined to provide customers with short delivery, high quality aluminum plate, double sided, multilayer and HDI boards, our products are widely used in industrial control, power control, communications equipment, automotive electronics, digital security, medical instrument. ..


              To become China's top-level PCB & PCBA stop service experts, our philosophy is good science, good deeds, love, win


              Customer first, sincere service, we have offices in many regions and abroad, providing customers with a full range of convenient services.


              We provide 24/7 customer service phone, on-line customer service, fixed service hotline, regional offices, dedicated to provide you with convenient and efficient service!

              Contact us

              Market center: Room 1105, Block A,Kaida'er group center building, 168# xi li tong sha Road, nanshan district, shenzhen      Huidong factory :Jinpai Hill industrial Zone,Taiyang'ao,Baihua Town,Huidong Guangdong Province,China.  Huai An factory:North side of Xingsheng Road and West side of Jinlun Road of Lianshui Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu Province,China

              • QQ咨詢

              • 在線咨詢
              • 電話咨詢

              • 0755-33238100
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